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The DNR will be offering a wild turkey forum next week in Marquette


The Wildlife Through Forestry series of special events continues

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources will continue its popular series of special wildlife events across forestry next week with a turkey forum featured in Marquette Township.

“Wild turkeys have long been established in the southern parts of the Upper Peninsula, but have expanded their range northward in increasing numbers in recent years,” said Gary Willis, an MNR Forestry Service in Baraga. and organizer of the popular wildlife forum series. “People see wild turkeys in remote places, even in areas with heavy snow like those in Keweenaw County, the northernmost county in the region. Our next forum will discuss this expansion and answer many questions often asked by the public.

The forum will be held from 6-9 p.m. EDT Thursday, September 29 at Marquette City Hall, located at 1000 Commerce Drive. The event will also be streamed live via Zoom.

The forum will feature three wildlife biologists: Pam Nankervis, Habitat Biologist for the Ottawa National Forest of the US Forest Service, Jim Hammill, Wildlife Biology Consultant and Safari Club International Biologist, and Ryan McGillviray, MNR wildlife biologist and wild turkey specialist.

Together, during the first half of the event, biologists will look at the adaptive traits and environmental factors that make this wild turkey range expansion possible. What are the factors behind this northward migration? How do wild turkeys survive in deep snow?

During the second half of the forum, McGillviray will talk about turkey hunting techniques based on his many years of traveling across the country in pursuit of turkeys. He will demonstrate the arrangement of the lures and the techniques of calling, while answering questions from those present.

Prizes will be awarded for the first correct answer to the background questions.

“This event is the latest in a fascinating series of ‘Wildlife Through Forestry’ forums that have been held in the western Upper Peninsula since 2017,” said John Pepin, MNR Assistant Public Information Officer. “These sessions connect wildlife topics to the many ways bird and wildlife habitat can be developed and enhanced for a range of species on private land. »

Each of these sessions included a presentation on an interesting and important wildlife-related topic, with additional information provided to private landowners on the value of a forest management plan.

Jim Hammill is pictured at an Upper Peninsula Habitat Working Group meeting in Ishpeming.

“We want people to get excited about sound resource management so that they establish a family legacy with their forest ownership,” Willis said. “We want to show people the importance of working closely with a resource professional to achieve their property goals and objectives. We also want people to have a good time by coming together to discuss topics that interest us all.

A group of resource professionals will be present at the forum to discuss the development, preparation and implementation of forest stewardship plans.

More than 150 professional foresters and 20 wildlife biologists develop forest stewardship plans for Michigan forest owners.

For more information on these plans or the Commercial Forestry Program, contact Gary Willis, DNR Service Forester, 427 US 41 North, Baraga, Michigan, 49908; 906-353-6651, ext. 207-0122 or willisg2@michigan.gov.

Conservation Districts in many Michigan counties have foresters available for free viewing of private landowner properties. They can discuss landowners’ wildlife habitat and forestry goals and help decide if there are any financial assistance programs that can provide cost sharing for the preparation and implementation of the resource management plan. .

In Marquette and Algiers counties, contact Forester Sara Kelso at 906-236-9484 or call the Marquette County Conservation District Office at 906-226-8871, ext. 3071.

Note to editors: Accompanying photos are available below for download. Caption information follows. Credit: Michigan Department of Natural Resources, unless otherwise noted.

Hammill: Jim Hammill, Consultant Wildlife Biologist and Safari Club International Biologist, is pictured during a meeting of the Upper Peninsula Habitat Working Group.

McGillviray: Ryan McGillviray, Michigan Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist and wild turkey specialist, is pictured with a wild turkey he has harvested.

Nankervis: Pam Nankervis, habitat biologist for the US Forest Service’s Ottawa National Forest, is pictured with a turtle. (Photo courtesy of Pam Nankervis)