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Iranian biology professor commits suicide due to poverty


An Iranian teacher, Mostafa Ranjbaran, a biology professor in Minab, southern Iran, committed suicide due to unbearable economic pressures.

In a tweet on Thursday, February 3, Mohammad Habibi, board member of the Iran Teachers Trade Association, called “these suicides of teachers, workers, pensioners and students” a “kind of murder systematic” and that the Iranian regime’s officials are responsible for it.
No information has been released on the time and circumstances of Mr. Ranjiran’s suicide.

News of another teacher’s suicide comes amid widespread protests by teachers over the past year, ranging from rallies in various cities to sit-ins to protest authorities’ indifference to their teachers. livelihoods.

Several teachers have committed suicide in recent months due to financial and economic pressures.

In late January, a chemistry professor in Kashan, central Iran, died after setting himself on fire inside Kashan University to protest against not receiving his graduation bonus. retirement.
Dr. Javad Safari had retired because he needed the money. He was told that they didn’t have the budget to pay his pension.

In June 2021, a high school math teacher set himself on fire outside the judiciary building in Isfahan, central Iran, to protest a court order forcing him to evacuate his home. He later died from the severity of his burns.
According to the official ISNA news agency, the man was identified as Amin Kianpour, 43, a father of two daughters.

Two other Iranian teachers, Hassan Chenari and Gholam-Abbas Yahyapour committed suicide in recent months due to poverty.

99% of teachers live below the poverty line

The National Statistics Center announced that annual inflation reached 43% in June 2021. (The State-run Shahraranews.ir – June 26, 2021)

Ghaffar Jalali, a mathematics professor, told Etemadonline: “Besides senior civil servants, 99% of our colleagues live below the poverty line. (Salamatnews.com, state-run – September 28, 2021)

On the rise in the poverty line, Mohammad-Reza Mahboubfar, a sociologist, said: “The poverty line for a family of four was estimated at an average of 12 million tomans ($426) per month in March. 2021. Today, the poverty line has reached 14 million tomans ($497) per month. (ROKNA State News Agency – July 25, 2021)

The food basket for a family of 3.3 people exceeded 3 million tomans ($106.5) per month by late spring. (The State-run Shahraranews.ir – June 26, 2021)

Of course, the purchase of detergents, health care, clothing, transport, water, electricity and gas are not taken into account when calculating the cost of the food basket. How could a teacher, especially a female head of household, support her children on such low monthly salaries?