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BaseBit.ai Completed Over HK $ 350 Million Series B + Strategic Funding Round And Will Continue To Strengthen Data Collaboration And Privacy Computing Solutions



HONG KONG, August 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BaseBit.ai Announced Series Completion B + round of financing, with a scale equivalent to more than HK 350 millionD. BaseBit.ai declined to disclose new investors and the rating for this round. Drift Cloud Capital is the Company’s exclusive financial advisor for this financing.

Founded in 2016, BaseBit.ai is a thriving IT privacy technology company committed to providing services to the medical, pharmaceutical, government, financial, insurance, marketing and other industries. Also, is the precursor of “the Internet of data and computing (IODC) “, BaseBit.ai has also established its own IT privacy platform BaseBit.ai XDP “. The Company has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Yichang, Chengdu, and several other cities.

This round of funding will be used for research and development on computer privacy technologies, radiation platform industry expansion and application scenarios expansion, to further develop the internet of data and computing, the ecological network of data and artificial data. intelligence.

Zhen Luo, CEO of BaseBit.ai, commented on the funding: “We are very grateful for the support of our investors and the trust of our customers and partners. It is your recognition and support in this field that has helped to promote the rapid development of Privacy computing today is a growing field and still faces many challenges, including ‘setting standards, promulgating national policies and regulations, which requires attracting more talent to join this field, capital investment and efforts of our friends. Only in this way can we together create a bright future for the industry. ”

Andy A. Liu, President of Basebit.ai added, “We have seen a growing interest in privacy computing solutions across all industries including healthcare, finance, insurance, telecommunications, and more. We look forward to expanding our technologies and solutions to our customers. “

A look back at the year 2020, which is called “the inaugural year of private computing” in China, BaseBit.ai has taken the lead by gaining excellent hands-on experience in IT privacy across different industries. BaseBit.ai has deployed several city-level privacy IT application use cases.

BaseBit.ai not only realized the potential of opening up city-level big data applications through privacy computing, but also put into practice the areas of intelligent hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, scientific research clinical, multi-point trigger surveillance and intelligent early warning of infectious infections. diseases, regional digital industrialization and promotion of digital investments for the benefit of people’s livelihoods through the open platform of city-wide Big Data applications. These achievements have won several corresponding awards and distinctions.

BaseBit.ai and Intel have also jointly released a multi-stakeholder and multimodal privacy preservation platform for biomedical research, to open the link between data ingestion, data cleansing and data mining, in-depth exploration, authorized sharing, and help unleash the value of data in bioinformatics research fields through privacy computing. In addition to expanding further in the healthcare industry, BaseBit.ai is also actively developing the value of data by unleashing other industries.

BaseBit.ai has been developing its IT privacy technology for many years. In 2020, former chief researcher of MSRA, global partner Dr. Lin Tao Zhang joined BaseBit.ai as Chief Scientist and dedicated himself to important scientific research activities and building projects for privacy computing and AI. He leads the company’s scientific advancements in data security, data privacy protection, AI and big data enforcement. BaseBit.ai has also established a university-level technology advisory board. The founding members of the committee are Academician Kai Li, Academician XiaoYun Wang and Professor Dawn song. The committee brings together world-renowned IT experts, cryptography experts and IT security experts, with the aim of achieving technological innovation by formulating technical strategies, driving companies to apply better product service standards. and integrate technical capacities. BaseBit.ai aims to achieve optimal resource allocation, technological innovation and development, and to establish an authority in the global industry. In addition, the company is also actively recruiting talent from leading AI companies as well as industry experts across all industries.

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